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At Avant-Garde Wealth, we know you are the kind of people who want to understand personal finances. In order to do that, you need an expert to enlighten you on the many topics of personal finance. The problem is you do not have one, which makes you feel lost. We believe everyone needs a strong foundation of knowledge in personal finances. We understand that is easier said than done. That is why we provide seminars and webinars to help you get the knowledge you need.

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Skylar and Mae are a married couple with two sons: Jack and Hunter. They recently discussed who they would want to care for their children in the event they passed away prematurely. Skylar and Mae want to learn more about the legal ways of ensuring their wishes are met in case of the unexpected. They will learn about wills, powers of attorney for property, durable powers of attorney for health care, advance medical directives, and do not resuscitate orders during the Estate and Legacy Planning webinar. They will use this information to prepare for a meeting with an estate planning attorney who will draft the documents for them.

Brittany is a recent medical school graduate looking to understand her options for repaying $250,000 in student loans. She needs to know the similarities and differences between repayment plans and forgiveness opportunities. Brittany wants to create a plan with the information she will learn in the Education Planning seminar. She is exploring her options and the corresponding tradeoffs with each.

These are not clients of Avant-Garde Wealth. The examples are intended for illustrative purposes only.

You deserve a foundational understanding of personal finance. We provide you the knowledge so you can make confident decisions.

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