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Are you tired of wondering if your investments will allow you to achieve your goals?

Are you asking yourself questions like these?

What is my investment strategy?

How much risk am I taking for the returns I am earning?

How does what I hear on the news impact my investments?

Who can I turn to for unbiased advice? 

Develop, implement, and monitor an investment strategy with a team of financial planners to reach your goals.

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It's Time For You To Thrive

At Avant-Garde Wealth, we know you are the kind of people who want to use your investments to achieve your goals. In order to do that, you need to develop an investment strategy tailored to you. The problem is you do not know how, which makes you feel like you're letting the opportunity to grow your money pass you by. We believe everyone deserves a tailored investment strategy that helps them achieve their goals. We understand that is easier said than done. That is why we provide investment management services that you understand.

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How It Works

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3. Implement your strategy

Achieve your mid and long-term goals.

This Could Be You

Adriene left a corporate fashion design job and started her own company at the end of last year. She wants to simplify her investments by minimizing the number of accounts she has and implementing a single strategy across them. Adriene has three accounts: two 401(k) accounts from previous employers and a Traditional IRA. Her accountant recommended that she consider converting her Traditional IRA into a Roth IRA this year because of her low income and the potential long-term benefits of tax-free investment growth.

Adriene can accomplish her goals of simplifying accounts and making the most of her investments with the help of financial planners.

Chris recently became a widower. He inherited two investment accounts from his late wife, Amy: her 401(k) and Roth IRA. He is unsure of what to do with the inherited accounts. Chris also does not know what to do with his own retirement accounts – Amy managed all aspects of their personal finances.

A team of financial planners can build, implement, and monitor a custom investment plan for Chris. He will confidently make progress towards his financial goals.

These are not clients of Avant-Garde Wealth. The examples are intended for illustrative purposes only.

Everyone deserves to understand their investment strategy and be led by a trusted guide. We help people develop, implement, and monitor a tailored investment strategy to achieve their goals.

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Are you making excuses to avoid taking the next step?

Personal finances are too complicated for me to understand.

We believe anyone can understand personal finances with the right guide.

I don't have enough time for my personal finances.

We believe anyone can control their personal finances with the right guide.

I can't imagine what thriving would look like for me.

We believe anyone can identify and achieve their best life with the right guide.

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